Family Planning

Family Planning Project:

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. It is now Asia’s fifth and the world’s eighth most populous country. The growth rate of the population is 1.39% p.a. in 2009 (BBS 2010). The huge number of population is our threat to development context considering the economical condition of the country. Bangladesh’s population has a tremendous growth potential built into its age structure. So, population continues to remain as the most pressing challenge towards development as well as one of the major causes of poverty in Bangladesh. Despite this, Bangladesh has achieved success in family planning programs against the backdrop of poverty, low literacy rate, Ignorance, gender disparity and low protective measures and so on are the main causes of high rate of population increase. Realizing the situation SDA initiated Family Planning Program supported by the Department of Family Planning of GOB.  It is the most comprehensive community based project for promotion of Mother and Child health.

Main features of the project are as follows:

Awareness raising, message dissemination, Behavioral Change and Communication, Health and nutrition education, Immunization, Counseling, Peer Education, Contraceptive materials support, Referral, New couple follow up, Pregnant mother follow up by direct interaction and communication by house to house visit.




Awareness raising 36000 38685
Counseling 1000 912
Referral 30 18
New couple follow up 120 136
Pregnant mother follow up 300 242
House to house visit 38400 38600
Contraceptive materials support:
Condom 25000 24000
Injection 100 62
IUD (Intrauterine device)/ Copper T 200 205
Oral Pill (Sukhi) 16000 14400 Cycle
Tubectomy 20 18