Promoting governance, accountability,
transparency and integrity (PROGATI)
Supported by USAID

In Bangladesh, citizens have a high tolerance to corruption.  The public does not feel comfortable formally raising corruption issues, especially when this requires challenging government officials. Corruption has become the norm; there are few tools available to average citizens, civil society organizations, business associations or civil servants to fight corruption. There is therefore a strong need for civil society to actively engage in activities to identify and reduce corruption. Bangladesh has no lack of civil society networks and coalitions. Most, however, are donors driven.  A major challenge is how to unite people and organizations in the common cause of governance, transparency and integrity. One of the PROGATI’s key strategies has been to develop partnership and coalitions within civil society and across the sectors to promote corruption reform.

Society Development Agency (SDA) implemented the Project of Promoting governance, accountability, transparency and integrity (PROGATI) supported by Rupantar/AVAS/USAID. In the Patuakhali District the project implemented four Upazilas (Patuakhali Sadar, Galachipa, Bauphal and Mirzaganj). Six local level NGO/CSOs have been engaged direct and indirectly for implementing the project in Patuahali district. Phase wise AVAS and Rupantar were leading the project implementation in Barisal Division of this project as umbrella and SDA given lead for Patuakhali District of this Project. Shuktara, RDS, Bashbaria, Krishnochura, Jagoroni and Citizen Forum worked as Local Partners of PROGATI. The activities were under this project as………

The PROGATI Public Institutions Component is working with the key Government of Bangladesh institutions and oversight agencies. Public institutions in Bangladesh are responsible for public service delivery and the lack of internal control mechanisms, transparency and accountability are significant challenges to reducing corruption in Bangladesh. PROGATI has three primary public institutions partners – the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, and the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives.  In addition, PROGATI works with the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Information Commission.