Protection of Children in Cyclone “SIDR” affected
Child Friendly Space (CFS)
Supported by: UNICEF

Statement of the Problem:

According to the latest Government figures 8.5 millions of people were affected by “SIDR” and half of them were children. Initial assessment of the affected areas showed the crucial need of protection support especially for children. Thousands of children were lost their homes and displaced, some lost family members and friends, schools and health system were not working in the areas and the children were suffering from anxiety, neglect and vulnerabilities of abuse, exploitation and trafficking which portray the need for special attention on child protection in the affected areas.

Implementing strategy:

The spaces as a CFS venue has established for three months in cyclone centre and primary school in the locality where cyclone Sidr affected area. The pre setup cyclone shelters which have space for gathering children and open space within the community has used separately  for child friendly spaces. Two adolescents volunteers with one centre manager was involved in one space that was accommodated 200 children. The children were accommodating by dividing them in to 3 groups. The adolescents volunteers were job oriented for utilizing the recreational kits and conducting psychosocial activities were conducted to refresh the volunteers skill to run sessions with children. The cook was recruited from the community to prepare one time hot meal for the children. The drinking water and sanitation facilities was arranged by locally.